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Retino A Micro Gel 0.025%

Retino A Micro Gel 0.025%
Retino A Micro Gel 0.025%
Active Ingredients
Tretinoin .025% Gel
Generic Brand for
Retino A Micro
0.025% Gel
Manufacture by
Johnson & Johnson
Tube Pack
Expected Delivery time 15 - 21 days
Shipping Origin India
Pack Size Unit price Qty Gross Total
1 Tube $7.80 $7.80
3 Tube $7.30 $7.30
6 Tube $5.80 $5.80

Product Description

Retino A Micro Gel 0.025% - Uses and Dosage

Retino A Micro Gel is an acid form of Vitamin A which is usually prescribed for acne vulgaris, acne scar treatment, and sun-damaged skin. It also helps to achieve smooth skin replacing the rough facial skin and reduces fine wrinkles and acne effectively.

How does it work?

Retino A Micro Gel 0.025% is consists of Tretinoin which acts by increasing the turnover of the follicular epithelial cells of the skin and by accelerating the shedding of the corneocytes it works by normalizing keratinization which leads to the removal of the old comedones and inhibition of new comedones is formed which helps to clear up the acne from the skin and provides a smooth texture.

How to Use?

A thin layer application at nighttime is recommended for the duration prescribed by your doctor. It should be used in the exact advised dose without disturbing its application schedules and dose. Always wash your affected skin area before applying this cream. It will help you to remove dirt from the affected skin and helps the medicine to treat the symptoms effectively.

The medication may make you more sensitive to the sunlight, so make sure you do not expose the application site to the sunlight and cover it to avoid exposure.

During its use avoid contact with the mouth eyes and nose and do not apply it on cuts or injured parts of the skin. The medication of this cream is recommended for several weeks and must be used regularly. Do not miss its dose which can delay its treatment process.

In case you suspect any adverse effects of this cream you must inform a doctor soon.

Side effects

Dryness of skin

Temporary darkness or lightning of skin

Increased sensitivity to sunlight

Slight peeling or chapping of the skin

Redness, burning, and tingling sensation of the skin that lasts for a short period of time after its application.

These are some commonly observed side effects of this cream and should be consulted with a doctor if any of its causes heavy difficulty or gets worsen.


It is unsafe to have any waxing(hair removable) or laser treatment during this meditation use.

Avoid the use of Retino A Micro Gel if you are allergic to any of its inactive ingredients.

The use of this medicine in pregnant and women who are planning to get pregnant is unsafe and can lead to birth defects.

Do not apply this cream to the breast if you are breastfeeding a baby.

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