Ropark 2 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Ropinirole
  • Brand Name : Requip
  • Manufacturer Name : Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
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What is Ropark 2mg?

Ropark 2mg is an effective medicine in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease as well as restless leg syndrome. It helps to treat excessive shaking by reducing the movements of your body.

When you suffer from Parkinson’s disease, you experience the following symptoms like difficulty moving, tremors, and muscle stiffness. Restless leg syndrome is a medical condition in which you experience an uncontrollable urge to move your legs.

This mainly happens due to a sensation that is uncomfortable. Generally, it happens in the evening or nighttime when you are lying down or sitting. Ropark contains an active ingredient Ropinirole that belongs to a class of drugs known as dopamine agonists.

You can buy this medication from a licensed online pharmacy after the prescription from your doctor.

How does Ropark 2mg work?

Ropark tablet mainly works by improving the action of dopamine, a chemical messenger which is required to control the movement in your brain. This further treats your Parkinson’s disease and improves your quality of life by enhancing your ability to carry out daily activities.

To treat restless leg syndrome, this medicine work by relieving the uncomfortable urge and also calming the sensations. In order to help the medication work effectively and get maximum relief, you must take Ropark tablet as advised by the doctor.

How to use Ropark 2mg?

Ropark tablets must be taken with food at the same time each to maintain a consistent level of medicine in your body.It is always suggested to read the patient information leaflet carefully to know the benefits and risks of this medicine.

You must take this tablet in the same dose as well as the duration recommended by the doctor. If you miss a dose then try to take it the moment you remember. Missing a dose can decrease the effectiveness of treatment.

Do not try to take Ropark 2mg more often than prescribed by the doctor because this will lead to the problem of an overdose. Even if you start feeling better after a few days of the treatment, do not stop the medicine and complete the full course of treatment.

Intake of this drug must not be stopped without discussing it with the doctor.

Precautions and warnings

  • During the treatment, you must stick to simple meals and avoid the consumption of rich or spicy food items.
  • Ropark 2mg must be used with great caution in both pregnant as well as breastfeeding women.
  • Do not drive or operate any heavy machines as they might make you feel drowsy.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol when using Ropark because alcohol decreases the effectiveness of this medicine.
  • Patients suffering from liver and kidney disease must strictly not take this medicine.

Side effects of Ropark 2mg

Some common side effects of Ropark tablet include nausea, headache, edema, vomiting, indigestion, and weakness.

There are a few mild side effects that disappear once your body adjusts to this drug.

Get emergency medical help, if any of your side effects continue or become worse with time.

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