Mesacol 800mg

Mesacol 800mg
Mesacol 800mg
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800 mg
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Sun Pharma
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Product Description

What is Mesacol 800mg?

Mesacol 800mg is an anti-inflammatory medicine. This medicine helps to treat mild to moderate attacks of Ulcerative colitis in which the lining of the intestine bleed, becomes perforated and inflamed. It helps to relieve symptoms such as inflammation, swelling, and painful symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Mesacol 800mg tablets are also used to treat a disease that affects the small bowel and colon, in which the lining of the bowel becomes sore and swollen, which may lead to ulcer development and known as Crohn’s disease.

How does it work?

Mesacol 800mg tablets contain Mesalazine as an active ingredient which is an aminosalicylate. The medicine works by suppressing the production of a natural chemical messenger called prostaglandins that are responsible for the inflammation and swelling in the intestines. The action reduces the ulceration, bleeding, and stomach pain and prevents the future flare-ups of the disease, and treatment of the associated problematic symptoms effectively.


Dosage Indication

Mesacol tablets are available in various strengths and must be used in a particular dosage amount advised according to the severity of your symptoms and consumed only after a valid prescription by a physician. If you are advised for Mesacol 800mg, use it in fixed-dose and duration to get the most benefits of this medicine. Take this tablet with or without food. Consume it by Swallowing the tablet as a whole with a glass of water. Do not chew or crush it. Never stop using this medicine even if you are feeling better, keep continuing the medication, and complete the full treatment course.

Missed dose

Do not miss any dose of this drug and if you forget to take any of it, refurnish that dose as soon as you remember, You should not consume a missed dose at the time when it's almost time for the next dose.

Over Dose

Never consume an overdose of Masacol 800mg and avoid the use of two doses at the same time, if you accidentally take an overdose contact a health care expert immediately.


Side effects

Sour throat

Dryness of mouth

Skin allergic reactions



Abdominal pain

Rectal disorder 

Joint pain and body aches

Vomiting, nausea

Inflammation of pancreases 

Fever, cough

Worsening of symptoms of colitis

If you observe any above-mentioned side effects that may be seen during the use of Mesacol 800mg tablet, Consult a doctor if they persist or get worsen.


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