Nizonide 500mg

Nizonide 500mg
Nizonide 500mg
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Product Description

 Nizonide 500mg - Parasitic worm Infection treatment

Nizonide 500mg is an antiparasitic drug used to treat the various symptoms caused by the parasitic worm infection. This medicine works by inhibiting the growth of the parasites and thus treats the infection. Nizonide tablets contain nitazoxanide as an active ingredient which belongs to a class of drugs known as Antiprotozoal agents. It is also used to treat diarrhea which is caused due to an infection of the digestive tract by parasitic worm infection. This is a prescription drug and must be consumed by following advised instructions strictly.


How does it work?

Nizonide 500 mg containing Nitazoxanide is a broad -spectrum Antiparasitic drug used for various helminthic, protozoal infections. It works by preventing the activity of the microbes by blocking certain pathways, channels that microbes generally needed to sustain and multiply. The inactive ingredient of this drug works by interfering with the electron transfer reaction of microbes, which is a prerequisite function of these microorganisms, thus it results in their death and treats the infection effectively.


Dosage Indication

The dosage of this drug can be advised depending on the severity and type of the infection. So use this medicine after a prescription of a doctor and consume it at the exact amount and fixed schedules to get the most benefits of this drug. If you are using this medicine for diarrhea caused by Protozoa Giardia and Cryptosporidium then, you must consume plenty of fluids along with the medication and make sure to stay hydrated. Use this medicine regularly to treat the infection completely, where stopping its use too earlier can cause reinfection, and symptoms may get worsen than earlier. It comes in form of an oral tablet and should be consumed by swallow a whole tablet with water and never crush or chew during its intake. It is better to take this tablet with food and do not take an overdose of Nizonide 500 mg. Use of this medicine should be avoided if the patient has an allergy to its inactive ingredient and consult a doctor for its contradiction and interaction with other medicines.  


Side effects

These are some major & minor side effects of this drug which may require medical attention if they get worsen.



Allergic reaction


Dryness of mouth, thirst


Discolored urine



Upset stomach


Flu syndrome



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