Patanol Eye Drops 0.1% (5ml)

Patanol Eye Drops 0.1% (5ml)
Patanol Eye Drops 0.1% (5ml)
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0.1% (5ml)
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Product Description

What is Pantanol Eye Drops 0.1% (5ml)?

Pantanol eye drop is indicated for seasonal allergic conjunctivitis which includes symptoms like infection, itching, redness, and swelling of the eye. Pantanol eye drops group belongs to a group of medicine called antihistamine and includes Olopatadine as an active ingredient. The reasons behind these allergic reactions may can due to pollen, dust, animal fur, and other allergens, where the use of these eye drops provides you quick relief.

Note-Do does not use Pantanol eye drops if you have an allergy to its active ingredient of this medicine.


How does it work?

Pantanol Eye Drops 0.1% is composed of Olopatadine which belongs to a class of drugs called antihistamine medicines. It works in a simple way as mast cell stabilizers. Olopatadine acts by stopping the mast cells from breaking down and inhibits the release of a substance called histamine and leukotrienes which are generally responsible for causing unpleasant symptoms during allergic reactions. thus block this mechanism the drug helps to treat the symptoms such as itchy or watery eyes, etc.


Dosage Indication-

Pantanol Eye Drops is a prescription medicine and should be used in the exact order as instructed by a doctor. The dose of this drop can depend on several conditions like age, the severity of the condition and other medicals conditions as well as how you respond to the first dose of this medicine. So use the exact dose at advised intervals to get the most benefits of this eye drop. Before you use this medicine read the instruction carefully given on the packaging unit. Safely open the cover of the bottle, and hold the dropper close to your eye without touching it. Gently squeeze the dropper and put the medicine on inside the lower eyelid. wipe off the extra liquid and close the cap after the use. You should use this eye drop regularly without skipping or missing any scheduled dose. if you observe any irritation or adverse effect during its use you must consult a doctor.


Side effects-

Common side effects-

Burning or stinging in the eye

Blurred vision

Abnormal sensation in the eye


Dry eye

Serious side effects-

Eye pain

Change in eye

Server irritation in the eye

Eye pain or itching

Following are some of the common side effects of this eye drop which are rarely seen in patients and mostly appear in mild form and get well itself. but if they get worsen you should consult a doctor.


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