Tazret Gel .05% 20gm

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  • Generic Name : Tazarotene
  • Brand Name : Tazorac
  • Manufacturer Name : Glenmark
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What is Tazret Gel .05% 20gm?

Tazret Gel is a topical gel that helps treat conditions like psoriasis and acne vulgaris. The disease of psoriasis causes recurrent inflammation of the skin. Pain and itching are common symptoms of this condition. However, Tazret Gel can help treat skin inflammation and improve skin appearance.

Tazarotene is the active ingredient in this skin care gel. Besides curing acne, it also heals acne scars. This gel may also help to treat wrinkles on the skin. It will repair human skin if exposed to harmful sun rays. Tazret is a generic brand for the brand "Tazorac, " an FDA-approved medicine. It is a prescription medicine, and it would be best to use it as advised for your condition.

Medical uses of Tazret Gel

Tazret gel, including Tazarotene, helps to treat skin conditions such as:

  • Psoriasis
  • Acne

Manufacturer of Tazret Gel .05% 20gm :

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures Tazret Gel. You may choose our online drugstore from India and get the most effective price to buy it.

How does Tazret Gel .05% 20gm work?

Tazret gel containing Tazarotene, a form of vitamin A, helps treat certain skin conditions. It works by slowing down skin cells' rapid growth, especially inflammation. Tarazotene gel does it by blocking certain substances, leading to skin redness and swelling. It also helps to reduce scaling and thickening of the skin in skin problems like psoriasis and clears acne from the skin.

What is the best way to use Tazret Gel?

It is essential to inform the dermatologist before applying for the medicine. 

  • According to the doctor, apply the cream once daily and use it before sleep.
  • Apply to the affected area only.
  • Cleanse your face with cold water when you wake up in the morning.
  • To prevent dry skin, apply a moisturizer afterward.
  • When using this cream, do not go out in the sunlight.
  • Do not apply it on cuts and wounds.
  • For better results, always consult with your doctor.


Please do not use this gel in an excessive amount as it will not speed up the recovery but might cause skin irritation. So, use an adequate amount on the affected area only.

Side Effects of Tazret Gel .05% 20gm

These are some major & minor side effects of Tazret Gel that some people may experience while using it. If you suspect any side effects, please consult a healthcare professional soon.

  • Dryness and cracking of the skin
  • An itchy feeling
  • Redness and Rashes
  • Sensitivity to sunlight
  • Numbness

Safety and precautions

  • If you are pregnant, do not apply.
  • You should not use Tazarotene gel if you are allergic to it. Before you start using it, apply a small amount of it to check for an allergy.
  • Avoid sun exposure if you suffer from eczema or sunburn or have sun sensitivity. Cover the treated areas with thin cotton clothing or sunscreen before stepping out.
  • Don't put your hands on your, especially on the parts like the mouth, inner nose, and eyes. It is only for external use; do not apply it on cuts and wounds.
  • If you accidentally apply it to your eyes or other parts or use it excessively, wash it thoroughly with water. You may contact a doctor if you suspect any difficulty during such a condition.


Does Tazret Gel(Tazarotene) lighten skin?

Tazarotene in Tazret gel is also known to reduce hyperpigmentation in various skin conditions effectively. It is a helpful medicine for treating other pigmentary disorders of skin like melasma.

Is Tazret Gel anti-aging?

It's a third-generation topical retinoid sold under the brand name Tazorac with the generic name Tazarotene. It helps to treat acne, sun-damaged skin and photo-aging. Like any other retinoid, it regulates the skin cells' activity and improves skin texture.

Can Tazret 0.05% Gel cause itching?

As a common side effect of Tazret, some people may experience itching on the application site. This symptom may appear at the first use and later when your skin is adjusted to the medicine, and it will fade. But if the itching persists and occurs every time you use it, then stop using it and consult a doctor.

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