Best ways to Cure Impotence or Erection Problem

Best ways to Cure Impotence or Erection Problem
Published : Feb 04, 2024
Last Updated : Feb 07, 2024

Impotence can happen to any person at any age. It is a sexual problem found in Men only. The science behind this problem is low blood flow in the penile region. Low erection or loss of erection is called Impotence.

Mainly the issue of low blood flow is found in older adults. Most men experience difficulties obtaining an erection when they want to enjoy themselves with their partner.

If we talk about the Solution to Impotence or erectile dysfunction, there are many best ways. After getting good treatment, Men feel more confident.

Men can also treat Impotence naturally with some of the best medicines. Foods that are helpful to increase blood circulation can help in an erection.

If we talk about Medicines like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have been curing these diseases for a long time.

What are the Causes of Impotence?

Vascular Related Diseases

Vascular disease is a condition affecting your blood vessels or nerves severely. They cause problems in the arteries, veins, and vessels. This diseases also affect your sexual organ. Blood circulation becomes reduced in your penile region.

A few reasons for Vascular Disease are High Cholesterol, Excessive Drinking, and smoking. People facing diabetes for a long time also get this disease.

It would help if you first got treatment for Vascular diseases by consulting a doctor. Due to this, Men will cure your erection problem on its own.

Brain Injury

Everyone knows the brain is an essential part of our body. Due to this, we perform all activities of daily routine life. If your brain is injured, your penile organ will not function well.

Physical illness and psychological factors

The most significant psychological factor found in newly married couples. They are apprehensive about sexual activity and loss of erection. Some people have anxiety or depression due to workload & relationship issues. Conditions that affect blood flow in the penis include diabetes, high cholesterol, abdominal fat and high blood pressure.

Low Testosterone

If you are low in testosterone, the duration of sexual activity will be affected. This hormone is produced in men's testes and is responsible for sex drive. If a man has erection problems, he should check his testosterone level. Consult with a doctor to get medication for this problem. Exercise like strength training can help you to increase your testosterone level.

Nerve disorders

Blood flow is dependent on healthy veins. Our body's blood flow is reduced if our nerves are damaged. As a result, the organ will not function properly. In our sexual activity, the exact science will apply. If the blood flow in the penile veins is reduced, an erection is impossible. Impotence is associated with neurological diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Impotence can also occur as a result of nerve damage after prostate surgery.

Medicines to Cure Impotence or Erection Problem

Sildenafil Citrate Pills

Sildenafil is a popular Ed drug sold under the brand name generic Viagra. As a PDE-5 inhibitor, it increases blood flow to the penis. Inhibiting PDE-5 increases cGMP, which relaxes blood vessels within the genital region. This results in constricted blood vessels opening up, resulting in an erection defect. Vigora tablets are a well-known male ED drug from India that contains Sildenafil citrate. For a generic Viagra tablet, it is incredibly inexpensive.

Tadalafil Pills

Tadalafil treats both male Impotence and the symptoms of an overly large prostate. Additionally, Men can use it to treat pulmonary hypertension with a prescription. Sildenafil Tablets are less potent than Tadalafil Tablets. There is a longer shelf life for Tadalafil tablets. Studies have shown that they can be effective for up to 36 hours. Consult your doctor before taking the tablets frequently. Generic Cialis Tablets like Tadacip 20mg are the most popular online.

Vardenafil Pills

Ed patients also commonly use Vardenafil as a drug to treat their condition. It works the same way as the previously mentioned medications for erectile dysfunction. It stops the signs and symptoms of male Impotence in a short time. It can be purchased and should only be taken if your doctor recommends it.

Natural Treatments for Impotence

Some natural ways may help prevent Ed's effects (erectile dysfunction). These ways include lifestyle changes like modifying your diet and doing exercise. Taking good care of your mental health or relationship counselling is also among them. 

It is important to discuss with a doctor all the possible treatments that may help you. Sometimes a combination of Ed medications and natural ways, when combined, shows great results. 


Intake of a balanced and healthy diet may help you maintain and enhance your sexual function. Also, it will decrease your risk of sexual dysfunction like Ed. 

Do Exercises

Add physical activities like exercises to your daily routine. It will help you improve blood vessel health, reduce stress, and raise testosterone levels. These changes may help you with Ed and improve your overall life quality.

Take Enough Sleep

Get enough sleep each night and improve your regular sleeping schedule. Due to lack of sleep, you can face a decrease in your testosterone levels, and it may contribute to Ed. Lack of sleep may also contribute to conditions related to ED, like diabetes and high blood pressure. 

Weight loss

Erectile dysfunction can be more common in men with obesity and overweight. If weight can contribute to your Ed, exercise and a balanced diet may help you lose excessive weight. It will help to reduce the risk of Erectile dysfunction and improve its symptoms. 


In some cases, physical and psychological issues may contribute to Ed. Mental health issues like emotional distress and lower self-esteem can impact your sexual life. Thus, psychotherapy may help address these issues and improve the symptoms of Ed. 

Sex therapy or couples counselling

Facing relationship conflicts that affect your mental health and sexual anxiety may worsen your Ed. Seeking sex therapy or couples counselling may help to improve communication between partners. It may help them integrate Ed treatments into their sexual relationship to see improvements. 

Stress reduction

Stress and anxiety are often linked to ED(erectile dysfunction), which can affect your sexual life. Take essential steps to reduce stress daily to improve your overall health and prevent risk for Ed. 

Avoid smoking 

Excessive smoking is likely to contribute to male Impotence. It can cause damage to the blood vessels and prevent enough blood from reaching your penis, which helps to cause an erection. Thus, stopping smoking may help prevent the effects of ED and benefit your overall health. 

Alcohol Reduction

Excessive consumption of alcohol can be a risk factor for Ed, according to the studies. Thus, it's important to limit or consume moderate amounts of alcohol to prevent the risk of Ed. 

Some FaQs about Impotence:

What is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction?

The treatment options depend on the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. In comparison, lifestyle changes are the safe ways to improve and prevent the symptoms of Ed. But sometimes, Ed can't be managed with only lifestyle changes. They may also require treatment options like oral medications and other ED treatments. 

How can I help my partner facing Impotence?

Impotence is a common sexual problem as known as Erectile dysfunction. Helping your partner overcome this sexual problem with proper diagnosis, education, and therapy together may be more effective in improving Ed. It will help to achieve a satisfactory result and help your partner fight against it.

Can erectile dysfunction be cured?

If the leading cause for Ed is lifestyle factors, health conditions, or due to a medicine you take, then it can be reversed by addressing its underlying cause. Sometimes surgery may also help to cure Ed(erectile dysfunction) in some cases. 

Ed's medications may help to treat Ed's symptoms, but they can't cure the underlying condition causing Ed. 


Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction, which is related to sexual problems in Men. You can resolve this problem with medicine such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, or Vardenafil. As a Pharmacist, In this blog, our motive is to guide you about the problem and Solution. Along with these Ed medications making some lifestyle changes and seeking other treatment options may help effectively treat Ed. Always consult with the doctor to resolve the problem of erectile dysfunction.