Is L-Arginine Good For Erectile Dysfunction?

Is L-Arginine Good For Erectile Dysfunction?
Published : Feb 04, 2024
Last Updated : Feb 07, 2024

Erectile dysfunction is one of the common sexual problems that a large population of men is facing globally. It is an inability where a man struggles to get or keep a firm erection enough for sex. The issue of Ed keeps interfering in the sexual life of a man and leads to other psychological problems. 

If you are in search of things that can help you with Ed, then L-arginine has the potential to work against Ed. In this article, you will discover the benefits of L-Arginine for male sexual health. 

What Is L-Arginine?

L-arginine is an essential amino acid that helps in protein production in our body. It is available in certain foods, such as nuts and meat. To boost its availability, it is also available in the form of supplements to fulfil the daily intake. 

L-arginine is potentially known to be beneficial for Erectile dysfunction(Ed) and also helps in several other health problems, such as-

  • High blood pressure
  • Migraines
  • Diabetes
  • Angina(Chest pain or pressure)

The way it supports the body makes it beneficial in many health conditions, including Ed. It is an amino acid for protein production and helps convert it into nitrous oxide(NO). A gas (NO) that helps relax the smooth muscle cells of the blood vessels and widens them to encourage blood flow. 

Is L-Arginine Good For Erectile Dysfunction?

Regarding the effects of L-arginine on the body, the function it supports could benefit Ed. In many clinical studies, it has shown its ability to help men attain an erection who were facing Ed. 

study published in 2017 found that men facing severe Ed had lower levels of L-arginine in their blood. And its levels were lower compared to men with only mild symptoms of Ed. 

This way, the study supports the theory that low levels of L-arginine may contribute to the risk of Ed. It shows that lower levels of L-arginine may result in lowered NO concentration, directly affecting erectile function. Potentially it may reduce the blood flow to the penis due to the constriction in the blood vessels. 

NO play a significant role in vasodilation, and its lower levels may lead to poor blood flow. Therefore, taking L-arginine for Ed, a natural NO producer, effectively manages Ed.

Some formal studies need more positive outcomes to back up the speculation. Also, some have shown the beneficial side of L-arginine in Ed. Let's see what they are-

In a small study published in 1999, L-arginine has found to be improving Ed in men, but at the same time, those taking a Placebo showed the same results. Therefore, the available evidence of improvements was not counted in favour of L-arginine. 

The review of several studies conducted in 2019 found that L-arginine seems effective for Ed. But, this review noted that these researches have sample sizes that were too small to make definitive claims. 

randomized controlled trial published in 2022 states that large doses of L-arginine supplements for three months have improved Ed's symptoms. And by the end of three months, 74% of participants in the study reported improvement in their Ed symptoms. 

But in some studies, researchers noted that combining other agents with L-arginine show effective results for Ed, such as-

  • Pycnogenol( A supplement consisting of pine bark and other ingredients)
  • Yohimbine hydrochloride

Benefits Of L-Arginine For ED

L-arginine is not fully known to be effective for Erectile dysfunction, but supplementing with amino acid may be worth trying. It is not that it hasn't shown improvements towards Ed; in several studies, it brought mild enhancement in the ability to help with erection.

Also, L-arginine may improve sexual stamina, as it has shown such results in some studies in which it enhanced athletic performance.

Men who face certain conditions that also interrupt their sexual performance are also found to be benefiting from L-arginine supplements. For example, men with high blood pressure problems commonly find problems with erection function. However, using L-arginine can effectively lower blood pressure and may support your sexual health too. 

As a producer of NO, it has some other possible benefits that make L-arginine entirely supportive for Ed and other health problems. For instance, L-arginine can help reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and inflammation in heart disease. As a result, these actions can reduce the risk of other severe heart-related conditions like arrhythmia, atherosclerosis and congestive heart failure. 

Also, a researcher noted that L-arginine was linked to support supportive health. It increased sperm motility and sperm counts in men using L-arginine as a supplement. 

Side Effects Of L-Arginine

L-arginine is a nutritional supplement, but it may have some potential for some common side effects. Generally, it's safe, but some individuals may face unwanted effects while taking high doses. It may cause-

  • Abdominal pain
  • Low blood pressure
  • Bloating
  • Nausea

In some rare cases, it may cause itching, swelling, and difficulty breathing, especially in allergies. 

If you take other medications, you are not recommended to take L-arginine for Ed. Medications like anticoagulants, nitrates and pain relievers can negatively interact with it. 

Further, if you take Ed pills like Viagra and Cialis, you should not take L-arginine. Both agents dilate blood vessels, and combined use can cause severe blood pressure falls. 

Please consult a doctor if you experience these symptoms after using the L-arginine supplement. 

Other oral Ed treatments

Men facing Ed can access a long list of oral prescription medicines and herbal and nutritional supplement treatment options. You can pick some pharmaceutical medications and supplements for ED if you do not prefer L-arginine. 

Prescription Medications For ED

When it comes to Erectile dysfunction treatments, Ed drugs are the top choice of men. The first line of treatment for men who discuss Ed with their doctor is often Ed drugs. PDE5 inhibitors are a class of drug from which all oral Ed medications belong. 

These prescription-based Ed pills prolong the effect of a mediator like NO. They allow the relaxation of blood vessels to have enough blood flow to the penis. Available options as Ed medications include-

  • Sildenafil(Viagra)
  • Tadalafil(Cialis)
  • Vardenafil(Levitra)
  • Avanafil(Stendra)

These Ed drugs are highly effective. Some may face common side effects such as headaches, nausea and nasal congestion.

Other Supplements For Erectile Dysfunction

Not only prescription medicines, But some herbal and nutritional supplements may also benefit Ed. For example, Horny goat weed(active ingredient icariin) has been shown to have PDE-5 actions as it may help improve Ed's symptoms. 

While compared with other supplements that are highly effective and contain a collection of nutritional agents to support the sexual function of men. A popular accessory for men, VitaFlux has-

  • L-arginine
  • L-carnitine tartrate
  • L-citrulline
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

VitaFLUX can help improve the blood flow to the penis and help prevent the effect of Ed. It also potentially offers other sexual benefits for men, such as supporting testosterone levels, libido and energy levels. 

Final lines

L-arginine is an essential amino acid that is a natural producer of NO. The action of NO can support men struggling with sexual dysfunction like Ed. But there are not enough studies to make definitive claims about the benefits of L-Arginine for Ed. 

However, using L-arginine is safe and worth trying, but it has some mild side effect risk and could interact with certain medicines. But with few precautions, these risks can be easily prevented. 

Some studies support that amino acid seems more effective when combined with other agents or takes more extended periods and can have definite results in improving Ed. 

In such a combination, the other option for Ed includes supplements like VitaFLUX. It contains a blend of L-arginine and other agents that effectively support male sexual health.